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What is Kratom?

3 Things You Must Know About Kratom

Kratom is mitragyna speciosa
Kratom tree is an evergreen tree, whose scientific name is mitragynaspeciosa. Kratom tree will be found mostly in Southeast Asian countries. It belongs to the coffee family.

It grows and harvested naturally in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Kratom tree will grow up to 25 meters in height.

Among all of the herbal products, Kratom is the most impressive botanical as per the studies.

Kratom is one of the most used drugs in Thailand country because it contains various medical components in its leaves.

Kratom will be used as a remedy for opioid withdrawal. Kratom is herbal extract which can be made from leaves of kratom tree.

Kratom products were legal all over the world except in few countries. In 19th century kratom was used as traditional medicine. As per the study conducted in U.S. most of the people commonly consuming Kratom products on daily basis.

Kratom contains mitragyna & 7-hydroxy mitragyna as key substances
Kratom tree contains more than 25 alkaloids components, but among them, only two components will be considered as the most active components.

a. Mitragyna is a psychoactive ingredient (which will contain 66% alcohol in kratom tree); the other names were Biak and kratom. Mitragyna contains anti-inflammatory properties in its leaves, which was the core reason for relieving pain.

b. 7-hydroxy Mitragyna (34% contains less alcohol) which was more potent than morphine.

How Kratom is Produced
Kratom products are produced by using leaves of Kratom tree. The quality aspect of kratom products will depend mostly upon its leaf’s quality. If the manufacturer has taken better qualitative leaves of kratom then automatically that vendor products will give you the better results.

Kratom products will be available in powder form, dry crushed leaves capsule form, and extract form. Kratom can be consumed in any of these four ways

a. Toss and wash method
b. Make a tea and wash
c. Mixed with soft drinks/ juice and
d. Smoke/ chew the leaves.


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