To find out the best kratom powder, you should know some details about kratom so that next time when you choose the powder you won’t commit any mistake. So I have done an extensive research and summed up various details which will certainly help you to choose the best kratom powder from the market. After reading this, you should be able to teach others in choosing the best kratom powder.

Kratom powder region:

Kratom is a tree leaf from which the kratom powder is extracted. The leaf is dried and powdered to produce the kratom powder. It is not advised to buy kratom leaf if it is not from the regions excluding Southeast Asia.  The reason why I said that is because other places do not have conditions that favor the growth of kratom. Kratom generally grows in regions where is really hot and humid. Some of the kratoms are even found in the northern parts of Malaysia and it extends all the way up to Borneo. So, this is something that you should look into it when selecting your powder.

Which strain is highly potent:

Thai Kratom: There is no argument when it comes to selecting the best kratom out of all. The Thai kratom stands first when it comes to choosing the best available kratom in the market. The reason why this is the best because it is highly concentrating and simulation when compared with the other strains. This is perfectly ideal for someone who is depressed and stressed out. If you need more energy, go for it directly. It can enhance and provide the simulation with the help of green and white veins. Sometimes, it can react different for some user and when considered as a whole, this is simply outstanding. It is believed that people who consume this type of strain are said to be more productive when compared to others.

Next comes the Maeng Da Kratom:No kratom strain can match the potency level of this strain. This level of potency is obtained from the kratom is because; it is produced through selective breeding.  Even though the strain is genetically modified to produce a better product, the demand for this has never seen a downfall over the years. This strain is available in the artificial blend and natural blends. According to your preferences, you can choose the strain which suits you the best. It gives you more and more energy to work harder and it is believed to be designed for hard workers. Moderate levels of chronic pain can be resolved.

There are many other strains in kratom and they can be chosen according to personal preferences.  If you are someone who is so much keen on the potency levels, you can choose the above-mentioned strains. Kratom strains are available in a wide range of category and doing the right research will help you in choosing the right powder.

Lab tested powder:

This is something that should not be compromised on and it cannot be stressed more than this. There should be an up to detail in the lab report. Third party lab reports are mandatory when you buy kratom from an online source or an offline source. So what does the lab tells you in the report?

Check for the sign of their test result, if the results are negative then never buy it at any cost. If the result says so, it means that the plant is infected and the particular strain is unfit for consumption. The government and FDA have also insisted on providing a lab report of the product to safeguard the customers.

The kratom should be pure and it should not contain some of the harmful pathogens like salmonella and ecoli. It should not have any metal properties or harmful pesticides.  So I have lined up some harmful stuff that should not be present on your kratom at any cost and they are

  • Metals
  • Pseudomonas
  • Ecoli
  • Enterobacter
  • Shigella
  • Bacillus cereus

Every above-mentioned check is just to ensure that the powder that you consume should be safe and it should not have any negative impacts on your body. The test report not only ends here but also carries up and there are some quality parameters that should be checked in order to ensure that the product is 100 percent safe to be consumed.

Extraction process:

There is no magical explanation required for this check. The seller should have mentioned the way in which the powder is usually extracted so that, you can buy the product with more confidence.  Sometimes, sellers can mix powders into the kratom and it can be easily adulterated with the fillers.

Ensure that the powder is extracted in a safe environment and not affected by any external factors. It is also necessary to check the company’s terms and policies which can give you a brief explanation on how the process is really happening and the claims that they have if something happens to the customer after consuming the product.

Know the shelf life:

This plays a key role in the selection of the powder because some would like to keep the powder for a long period of time and hence if you decide to buy it in a larger quantity you have to make sure that it is stored in a cool and dry place for a larger shelf life.  Method of storage largely depends on you and some prefer to store it in zip bags, glass jars and other storage methods. If the powder is not taken care properly, it will lose some of its properties and it will have a negative impact when consuming it.

Check the seller’s background:

A lot of factors lies inside it and if you are someone who is worried about the authenticity of the product, you should be able to contact the seller is very important to maintain that transparency in selling. If you find if the seller is hiding his identity and not willing to share the details that you enquire. It is better to stay away from such sellers. These are the kind of sellers who do not follow any standard in their production and sell just for money and not for the wellness of the customer. So, to ensure that the company should be able to be contacted either by using a telephone or by an email. Also, check if the kratom is grown in an organic manner and it has not been exposed to any artificial growing process.

Final Note: If you read and stick to the mentioned details in this guide, you can surely find the best possible kratom powder for sure.

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