Kratom has enormous uses when it comes to treating any of the medical disorder.  Kratom has different origins that are used to treat many disorders.

  • Thailand kratom leaves- gives more energy
  • Indonesian leaves – produces sedatives effects and gives enormous energy
  • Malaysian leaves
  • Bali – Gives relaxation.

Kratom for pain:

From our ancient times, kratom has been used to treat the pain. In multiple countries, kratom is the best-advised medicine, to treat your pain.  Kratom is also used to treat migraine headaches. People who use kratom reports to have a painless and better life. Kratom acts as an excellent medicine for pain relief as it is natural also non-addictive and non-toxic.

List of pains to which you can use kratom:

  • Bone pains
  • Muscular pains
  • Cardiac pains
  • Back pain
  • Nerve pain
  • Menses pain

Advantages of using kratom to treat pain:

People who use kratom consistently reports having following benefits

  • Better sleep
  • Improved state of appetite
  • The feeling of being more relaxed
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Less cardiac pain
  • Getting cured of the open wounds quickly
  • Fewer risks of getting panic attacks

These effects can be seen only if the user consumes the kratom regularly or with a consistent period of time.

Side effects faced when using kratom for pain:

There are few side effects apart from the enormous results. Some of the side effects faced by the kratom users include constipation, drowsiness, the feeling of sedation. But these side effects appear when one consumes the high dosage level of kratom. If people feel uncomfortable when they take a high dosage, then one has to lower the dosage level of in taking kratom.

How to use Kratom for pain?

Always make sure that you concern the doctor before using kratom. If you are using other medications, it is not advised to take kratom as it interacts with other drugs too.

Kratom is well known to be an anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it serves as a great painkiller. Ancient people used kratom to treat open wounds. It is mainly used on the wounds to keep the moisture in it and those results in to recover from the lesions quickly. The whole kratom plant has a whole lot of advantages in it than the side effects.

If you are a beginner to use the kratom for pain. Then you may feel comfortable starting your medication with the low dosage. The low dosage of Kratom is nearly 2-4 gram. You can intake kratom powder along with water or you can also intake as a tea or coffee. It takes nearly 25 to 30 minutes to show some effects on you. After 30 minutes you may find it so comfortable and pleasant than the feeling of pain. If you don’t feel any effects within 30 minutes, you can add another 0.5 grams. Make sure you do not exceed the initial dosage level. Or that might lead you to face its side effects.

We can have Kratom in the form of powder or a tablet or a capsule. These normally work for pain relief treatment.  Some users may like the combinations like kratom made as a cocktail or adding the sweetener along with kratom to make it taste better. It depends on the user’s convenience, kratom can be intaken.

You can intake kratom in any of it form to treat the pain. Kratom powder or capsule or tablets will work better. Only main thing is that users must make sure the dosage level of all existing forms. If you are deciding to buy the kratom in wholesale, it could be the best option which you could choose because it saves a whole lot of your money. But you need to be specific about the dosage level. If you are not aware about the dosage level, make sure you get the lowest of all the dosage level.

Regular use of kratom can help you to sleep better and increase your appetite and recovers you from anxiety and panic attacks and there are several other advantages in using kratom consistently.

How does kratom work on treating pain?

The compounds such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are present in the kratom and these compounds are said to be controlling pain by including a protein called opioid receptors. These receptors result in a reduction of pain. Kratom is also popular to boost energy and acts as an alternative to opioid pain treatment. Kratom also manages the chronic pain. As kratom is naturally extracted from the plant, it shows fewer side effects and more advantages.

Kratom- effect from chronic pain:

Chronic pain is commonly seen among people, where only fewer medications are available for it. Kratom seems to be one of the methods to treat chronic pain.  According to the survey, 90% of kratom users find it more effective and 7% of kratom users find it moderately effective and 0.3 % of kratom users find is less effective and 2% of kratom users cannot use it at all.

The compounds present in the kratom interact with the opioid receptors in the brain producing pleasure and decreased pain. These receptors also give immense energy. Thus the results in the reduction of chronic pain.

Kratom does not give the complete effect of a drug like morphine. It just activates the receptors in the brain and that automatically take care of the pain relief treatment.

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