MitragynaSpeciosa, or popularly known as Kratom is one of the traditional plants that is been harvested in the Southeast Asian countries like  Philippines, New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand for more than two centuries. The plant is given a great regard and treated with huge respect in the native areas. Historically, the plant is indigenous to the forests of the Philippines and New Guinea. Later, to fight the opioid or narcotic addictions many neighboring territories had adopted the harvesting of MitragynaSpeciosa aka Kratom.

As we go through the history, it is believed that the name of Mitragyna was given by a Dutch botanist named Korthals. There is another theory that the name was derived from the Greek god Mithra after looking at miraculous virtues of the plant.

Kratom had started getting the momentum as there was so much need for addiction withdrawal. It is said that the people of Malaysia had embraced Kratom for overcoming opium addiction. At the same time, the Thailand citizens had started using Kratom or MitragynaSpeciosa for excessive morphine dependence.

The plant is harvested only in the evergreen tropical forests of Southeast Asia; there isn’t any country from other regions known to harvest Kratom. Of course, there is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm among the westerners especially the people of North America. It is hard to believe that a traditional plant which is treated as one of nature’s miracles is been based by some states in the United States. Kratom or its products could be bought by the citizens of other federal states of the US and A.

The Many uses of Kratom aka MitragynaSpeciosa:

Kratom, as said is incredibly a diverse and phenomenal creation of nature. It can treat a variety of medical conditions which are at various intensities. There is a list of numerous numbers of uses that one could enjoy using Kratom, which are as follows:

As a Food or Drink:

To start with, Kratom can be a casual diet in your routine. Yes, as it belongs to the coffee-family, there are some virtues that Kratom takes from the coffee. If you are hale and healthy, you can have Kratom every day for guarding your health from diseases and other medical conditions. The ingredients of Kratom are nutrient rich high potent alkaloids which could treat several versatile conditions like stress disorders, lack of energy, and withdrawing addictions etc.

Kratom comes in different varieties, in which the most used and appreciated is the form of powders. Kratom powders could be made as a tea or any kind of drinks. Tea is just mixing up the powder with hot water and having twice or thrice a day. It is not the only option but you can also mix the powder with other solvents like fresh juices, protein shakes, milkshakes etc. There are some individuals from the Kratom community who mixes the Kratom powder with lemon tea, black tea or any kind of herbal teas. Since Kratom naturally doesn’t taste very good, you can add a pinch of sugar or a tablespoon of honey for the better taste.

Having a cup of Kratom with any of these above-mentioned liquids could aid you in bypassing various diseases and medical conditions. So, if we briefly see what are the drinks that could be made using Kratom powder apart from Kratom tea is as follows:

  • Protein Shake – A very simple technique of mixing some amount of Kratom powder to the protein milkshake you drink daily. This technique of having Kratom would help you to completely become unaware of the bad taste of Kratom.
  • Chocolate Milkshake – Another technique that is very similar to Protein shakes. Take your milk, heat it up by adding some chocolate sauce or powder to it. Once it is ready to add some Kratom powder to it before consuming. Adding a good quantity of powder would result in very good benefits.
  • Pomegranate Or Orange Juice – You can take any kind of juice for instance. Just add some Kratom powder before making the sip. Reducing the amount of sugar could help you get a better result in the meantime.
  • Herbal Tea – There are many kinds of herbal teas choose the one you prefer and mix up the Kratom powder to it after the tea gets prepared. Adding a small amount of sugar or a pinch of honey would help you to taste better.
  • Black Tea – It is the raw version of tea without adding milk. For attaining good benefits of Kratom you could add some Kratom powder to this solution. It does not taste very nice, in such cases, you can add some sugar or honey.

Kratom Health:

As you come across this topic, the greatness of Kratom is, it sort of expertized in the region of treating various medical conditions. Not one there are so many medical conditions that could vanish by using Kratom whether directly in the form or indirectly in the forms of powder, extracts, and capsules. Why Kratom is given so much importance? The simple reason lies in the very functionality of Kratom, it doesn’t act as regular scientific medicines by giving several side effects. It is a natural product that arrives from a plant and the very asset of MitragynaSpeciosa or Kratom is treating several medical problems like anxiety problems, severe backaches, and acute body pains etc.

Chronic and Acute Pain Reliever: By influencing the hormone system, the MitragynaSpeciosa would be able to control the agonizing pains which could be either chronic or acute.  As you take the Kratom by chewing or drinking, it helps your release additional serotonin and dopamine which could eventually conceal your pain in a dramatic way. It is believed traditionally that the alkaloids present in the leaves of MitragynaSpeciosa would seal the pain rapidly as are taken into the system. Kratom leaves have an exceptional quality of healing and controlling the pains like morphine and opium.

Various Kratom strains that would result in pain relief are as follows:

  • Borneo Green Vein Kratom Powder
  • Borneo Green Vein Kratom Capsules
  • Borneo Reserve Red Vein Kratom Powder
  • Enhanced Malay Kratom Powder
  • Gold Standard Kratom Powder

Thepromoter of the immune system: Individuals who are suffering from the lower resistance could try having MitragynaSpeciosa or Kratom which efficiently promotes the immune system. The immune system is responsible for the toxic and infections that occur in the system, it depends upon the resilience of the immune system whether to accommodate fight an infection or virus. Kratom is traditionally known for boosting up the immune system, there was number of native users only for this quality. Especially, Kratom is useful for the peasants, high-end laborers who travel from one place to another regularly for earning their daily meal. Kratom extracts are known for their incredibly fine antitoxic qualities. They are in a way very much different from powders as they participate in concentration and drying process even more meticulously and effectively. Kratom extracts are known for their radical scavenging and antimicrobial activity. The various kinds of Kratom extracts are as follows:

  • Red Crystal Extract
  • Super Green Extract
  • Red Bali Extract
  • Green Maeng Da Extract etc.

Energy enhancer: As it is said that Kratom aka MitragynaSpeciosa belongs to the family of coffee, it plays as energy enhancer just like coffee does for avid users. This is one of the most phenomenal qualities that have brought Kratom into the top slots among many countries in the world. Kratom consists of rich alkaloid content which impacts the hormonal activities, as the Kratom content gets inside to the system and improves the blood circulation which gives a new phase to your energy levels. Everybody especially the employee section craves for an energy boost up because of their routine work. Kratom takes charge in the guise of energy improver and as you consume a pinch of Kratom powder through liquid or Kratom capsules with water, you could witness a tremendous amount of energy enhanced in you. In other words, the primary reason for Kratom taking the shape of energy enhancer is it mechanism helps the oxygenated blood to flow to the required parts of the body and which eventually results in good coordination among the organs.

Treating Diabetes: It is been a very common disease among working-class individuals. Kratom is not very promoted in a required manner by the corporate professionals because of the demand maintained by the regular scientific medicines. People might have doubts regarding the Kratom specialty in controlling diabetes. If we go to the basics, diabetes is a medical condition that arises due to excessive sugar in the blood which leads to the demand for additional insulin injecting to the body. To your surprise, Kratom is well known for regulating the insulin and glucose content in the blood which would result in the gradual decrease of diabetes condition. Actually, Kratom not only helps to the control the diabetes condition, it would also help the individuals in keeping it completely away.

Kratom as Addiction Recovering support:

The most important use of Kratom is its support and prevention for addiction recovery. This is one of the most used intrinsic worth’s of Kratom and for which it is given so much regard since more than two centuries. The first set of people who had discovered this quality in Kratom is the tribes of Thailand. They are suffering from addiction towards opium for a long time until they discovered Kratom could help them to get out of it. It was used by the people in Malaya region where they had combating with morphine addiction. In these both places, Kratom had successfully helped them to recover and the loyalists of Kratom had started spreading the world over from then.

To all the individuals who are looking for getting rid of the narcotic addiction, Kratom is one of the best ways to adopt. It makes you go through a soft procedure where you could slowly or eventually get out of addiction zone. Not only addiction, but it also helps facilitate the customer in coping with withdrawing effects as we all know how much strain the individual faces if he is habited towards an intense drug.

Kratom for pets:

If we try to comment even pets get benefitted from Kratom not just humans, it wouldn’t be an exaggerated statement. Yes, it is been used for pets especially as a treatment for pains. There are several testimonials from pet keepers about the benefits of Kratom. They have used it for dogs and cats on multiple occasions when they get sprain or seizures etc. Though predominantly, Kratom is given to treat pains, there are many examples of individuals who have given Kratom and helped their pet to successfully overcome its medical conditions.

Some feedback reports are as follows:

I have been giving Jimmie Kratom (three capsules of red every day) since a year. She seems to feel so much better from her arthritis. By the way, Jimmie is my twelve-year-old Border Collie Mix. – Sue

I have a 3-year-old pet which suffers from severe hip dysplasia. I had tried all the appendages suggested by many. None of the medicines had shown any impact on the benefit except Kratom! I also have quite a reasonable amount of friends in the NGO who had swiftly changed to Kratom after I’ve recommended it to them. Not a single complaint since they started using the Kratom.  – Amy

Final thoughts on MITRAGYNA SPECIOSA and its incredible qualities:

MitragynaSpeciosa also known with the name of Kratom in the global communities is one of the existing plants that is been used for medicinal purposes for two centuries and above. It is been used by millions of individuals since its discovery and the amount of Kratom enthusiasts are growing year by year. Since it is very strong in fiber qualities, it could be taken as beverage like coffee and tea to get rid of health deterioration risks. Not just one but it has versatile and completely diverse health benefits that are offered by this medicine.

The most astounding fact of Kratom plant is its versatility. In the modern era, where a medicine manufactured scientifically can’t be used for treating multiple medical conditions, here is a plant that takes shakes up in nature and serves several thousand of people with its organic potency and efficacy. Let more people get benefitted from the health virtues that are offered by MitragynaSpeciosa or Kratom plant.

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